What's a Bitmoji?

Bitmoji is an app that allows you to create a cartoon avatar of yourself to send out in text messages to amuse (annoy) your friends.

Why Bitmoji?

So if Bitmoji is something to annoy your friends in texts, why am I bringing it up as a tech tip?

  • Adding Bitmoji is easy: There is now a Bitmoji Chrome extension, so you can easily add your Bitmoji to slides, docs, emails and more.

  • Bitmoji is fun and lighthearted: Using a Bitmoji (sparingly, please!!) in your instructional resources can help humanize you for your students and adds a bit of whimsy to your instruction. The key is to not overdo it. Also, keep your audience in mind. Bitmojis don't belong in parent emails or all staff emails (except this one, of course).


How to Bitmoji?

Please use these slides to find out how to add the Bitmoji Chrome extension and to set up your Bitmoji avatar if necessary.