Canvas Announcements

Global Announcements

As an administrator in Canvas, you have the capability to send out Global Announcements. These appear for readers at the top of their Canvas dashboard as soon as they log into Canvas.

Please exercise restraint when using Global Announcements. They can pile up quickly and the important information contained is likely to be left unread.

Global announcements can be targeted to certain populations, like parents (observers), students, teachers, etc. Global announcements can not be targeted to individual grade levels. To send a message to a certain grade level, please check out Grade-Level Course Announcements or Canvas Messages.

Canvads Global Announcements

School-Wide Course Announcements

If you have been added as a teacher to your school's Grade-Level ("School-Information") Courses in Canvas, you can send targeted announcements within that course.

To view these announcements, students must first log into the Grade-Level (now "School Information") course.

Announcements in the School-Wide Courses can be targeted to specific grade level(s), or sent to all students and parents.

Please be sure your counseling team adds students to these courses if new students are enrolled.

Canvas - overview for PD (announcements)

Canvas Messages / Inbox

Canvas messages can also be targeted to individual grade-levels, as long as your site has set up the Grade-Level courses and you are added to these courses as a teacher.

Canvas - messages