Feature Requests

SUHSD Feature Requests

Canvas feature requests are how Canvas gathers input from existing users to structure how they prioritize work on new and existing features. Feature requests that are "open for conversation" are available for all registered users to make comments and add a rating scale.

Canvas uses the “star rating” and comments to prioritize posted ideas. If you like an idea, click 5 stars to support it and add a comment.

To streamline this process, and take advantage of our numbers within the district, we will be submitting requests centrally as a district, and then sharing the link to the voting page. You are encouraged to take the time to give many stars to the ideas that people from our district have pushed forward, so we can help Canvas mold their product to fit our district's needs.

If you have features that you would like to see in Canvas, please check this spreadsheet (below) and click on the link to vote for features that we want in Canvas.

Want to learn more about how the feature request process works in Canvas? Click here to read all about their process.

Existing SUHSD Feature Requests

Please click the link, sign in, vote with stars, and comment.

New Feature Request Ideas

Do you have a request that you don't see above?

Please complete this form to add your request. We'll research it and submit to Canvas as appropriate. We'll also add the link for everyone to vote, using the spreadsheet above.