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CK-12 offers free personalized online learning; focussing on math and science. Browse topics to add to your library. Most topics include adaptive student practice problems, notes and information for students to learn from, instructional videos, and even interactive learning activities and games.

Canvas - how to assign CK-12

CK-12 & Canvas

CK-12 has Canvas integration. Assigning CK-12 practice problems through Canvas is easy, once you've tried it out. And it's definitely worth a try! All CK-12 practice sets require students to get 10 correct before they can be done. When you assign a practice set in Canvas, set the points value to 10. Students try the problems. Once they get 10 right, they are allowed to submit or keep practicing (if they're having too much fun to stop). The 10 points is then automatically added to your grade book. You don't have to do anything more.

Even better, assignments automatically come with all of CK-12's support resources. If students struggle with the practice problems, they can access the "learn", "video", and "plix" (interactive activities and games) right there in the assignment.

Assigning CK-12 Lessons in Canvas

A short tutorial on creating a CK-12 assignment in Canvas.

CK 12 Class Reports & Insights in Canvas

A short tutorial on accessing CK-12 Reports & FlexBook® 2.0 Insights from Canvas.

Turning in Student Work for CK-12 on Canvas

A short tutorial on how to turn in student assignments for CK-12 in Canvas. We'll cover how to access assignments, do work, and turn assignments in so that your grades show up in Canvas.