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Do you want to work with others and share your Canvas resources?  

The best way to do this is by setting up a Team Sandbox course in Canvas.  

A team sandbox course is an excellent place for you and a team of teachers to create content that can be shared by every teacher in the course.  Imagine dividing the work you do among members of your curriculum team!  

Each team member in the course is a teacher and can create content that can then be exported back to each teacher's "real" Canvas courses.

For more information about sandbox courses in Canvas, please check out the sandbox course page linked here.

Team Sandbox

Please complete this form to request a SHARED/TEAM Sandbox course

Add or remove team members to existing Sandbox courses

Please complete this form to request to add or remove teachers from an EXISTING sandbox course

If you or your curriculum team already has a sandbox course in Canvas and you wish to add new team members or remove existing team members, please complete the following form.  You'll need a link to the existing course and the course name handy.

Import content from Other Canvas courses

Once your sandbox course is set up, please use the information below to learn how to import content into your own Canvas courses.  For your convenience, we offer instructions in both slide and video formats.

Slides: Importing Content in Canvas

This slide tutorial outlines how to import content between canvas courses.

Canvas - how to import specific course content (no admin)

Video: Importing Content from Sandbox Courses

This video outlines how to import content, specifically from a Sandbox course into a "real" Canvas course.

Please note: 

Any settings applied to Canvas content in the course in which it is created follow that assignment when imported.  For example, an assignment that is unpublished in a sandbox course will be unpublished when imported into a "real" course.  Similarly, an assignment with a gradebook setting of "manual" grade posting will import with that same setting.

Includes student navigation settings and grading scheme
Includes Homepage and About Your Teacher pages
Importing all includes categories and weights

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