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Combining Sections | Cross-Listing

Important note: 

Cross-listing is designed to be done BEFORE you have collected any student work or marked any grades.  If you have collected student work or entered grades, this data will not transfer over when you combine your sections.  Combining sections is one of the very first things you should do when you get your new courses at the start of the term.

If you need to combine sections and you have already collected/graded work, please reach out to your Canvas Coach or GetHelp for assistance before proceeding. 

What is Combining Sections, anyway?

Combining Sections (otherwise known as cross-listing) allows you to combine Canvas courses for classes where you teach the same thing during multiple class periods.  Once you have combined your courses, you can create an assignment once for multiple class periods, rather than having to repeat your work.  This should save you a bunch of time and effort.  

Cross-listing allows you flexibility!  You can also assign content to just one class or even a group of students.  You don't have to assign to everyone, just because the courses are combined.  You can even create a single assignment, but add multiple due dates.  

Choose your learning style.  Instructions for how to combine sections are available as a doc, slides, or video.  Pick what works best for you.

Doc Instructions

Combining Sections | Cross-Listing Canvas Courses

Slide Instructions

Canvas | Cross-Listing Courses

Video Instructions