The Basics


Please use these slides to help you navigate the basics of the Canvas gradebook

Canvas - overview for PD (gradebook)


Discover how quickly you can grade a set of papers by using a Canvas Rubric and the SpeedGrader.  Click-to-grade, anyone?  Yes, please!

Canvas - Speedgrader & Rubrics

Gradebook Extras & suggestions

Student Name Display

Last Name, First Name

Grade Totals 

Move to Front

Section Toggle

view one section at a time (for combined courses)

Saved Filter Presets

Define frequently used filters to save time

Select Multiple Filters

Canvas now allows teachers to select more than one filter while in the grade book.

This will be especially helpful for teachers with double-stripped sections.

Show Concluded Enrollments

If a student (or group of students) is transferred out of your class, you can still see their grades by choosing to "show concluded enrollments"

Here's how: