The Basics


Please use these slides to help you navigate the basics of the Canvas gradebook

Canvas - overview for PD (gradebook)

Gradebook Extras & suggestions

Student Name Dislplay

Last Name, First Name

Grade Totals

Move to Front

Section Toggle

view one section at a time

(for combined courses)

Grading Period Toggle

view one grading period at a time

(for most courses)

Show Concluded Enrollments

If a student (or group of students) is transferred out of your class, you can still see their grades by choosing to "show concluded enrollments"

Here's how:

  1. Open your Canvas gradebook

  2. Hover over the column header "Student Name" until the magic 3 dots appear

  3. Click on the magic 3 dots (they are magic because they disappear when you aren't hovering)

  4. Choose "Concluded enrollments" under "Show"