Canvas Modules

Organize your course content into modules to give your students one place in Canvas to access everything they need for your course. Modules can include the following:

  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Canvas Quizzes
  • Canvas Content Pages
  • Links to external web pages
  • Links to external tools
Canvas - overview for PD (module)

More About Modules

Once you've gotten the basics down about modules, you may want to consider trying out Module Prerequisites and Module Requirements.


Require that students complete certain modules before they can access another module


In order to be able to mark a module as complete, students must complete whichever requirements you create. Requirements are typically used in conjunction with Prerequisites or Badging. You can decide if students have to complete every assignment in your module or just some. You can even simply require that students just "view" the contents of your module. It's completely customizable.