Past Courses

Show Concluded Enrollments

Does your old course appear empty when you check your gradebook?

Try "showing concluded enrollments" to show your student names again. Here's how:

  • From your gradebook, hover over the header "Student Name" until the magic three dots appear

  • Click on "Concluded Enrollments" under the "Show" category

Adjust Settings to allow Student Access to content

  • Allow students to access your course content (excluding quizzes) after your course ends

  • Cut down on emails asking about grades - students can check their own


  1. In each course, go to "Settings"

  2. Scroll down and un-check the box for "Restrict students from viewing course after end date"

  3. Click the "Update Course Details" button to save changes

Hide Unused Courses

At the start of each semester, you will still be able to see your previous courses. This is so that teachers needing to calculate grades for students with incompletes can do so.

It is recommended that you hide your unused courses to avoid confusion.

Don't worry - hiding unused courses does not banish them forever! Once hidden, you can always go back to your courses --> all courses list to see them again.

Canvas | Dashboard Cleanup

Finding Past Courses

Students and Teachers can access previous courses in Canvas via the "Courses" menu. This access will be limited to a view-only state. No assignments can be submitted and grades can not be changed in this state.


  1. Click on "courses" from the far left menu

  2. Select "all courses"

    • You may need to scroll down if you are enrolled in a lot of courses

  3. Scroll down to find "past enrollments"

Course Nicknames

Canvas allows you to "nickname" your courses as well. This changes the name of the course for you only. Students and parents will still see the course name as created by IC. You will see your course nickname on both the dashboard as well as the "courses" list.

It's helpful to give your course a nickname with the year of the course, just in case you need to look for it in "past enrollments" later.

Canvas | Course Nicknames