Posting Grades

Posting Grades 

The following are different methods you can use to post your grades for Progress Reports, Quarter Grades, and Semester Grades.  Please use the method that works best for you.


Most teachers find that manually entering grades in IC is the most streamlined approach.

Manually Enter Grades in IC

Once grades are updated in the Canvas gradebook, log into Infinite Campus and manually enter letter grades and comment codes for each of your classes.  

Percentages are not required, nor will they be transferred from Canvas to IC.  

Please follow the steps outlined in these slides to enter your grades manually.


There are times when students seem to "go missing" from IC or Canvas if they have changed their schedule.  Please use the instructions below to show your dropped students, if necessary.

Canvas Gradebook View

If you don't see some of your students in your Canvas gradebook, be sure to "show concluded enrollments"

To Show Concluded Enrollments:

IC Settings

If you don't see some of your students in IC, be sure to check your settings in IC

To access IC settings:

1.   Click on the person icon in the top right corner as shown in the image below

2.   Click on Instruction Settings

3.   Under preferences, be sure to de-select "Show Active Students Only" 

4.   Don't forget to click Save

Alternate methods (not recommended)

Most teachers have found that synching grades between Canvas and IC is more challenging and time-consuming than manually entering grades, as outlined above.  

Synching grades between Canvas and IC can be tricky.  If you choose either of the below methods, please allow plenty of time to get this set up as well as for troubleshooting.

Automatically Sync Grades from Canvas to IC

Canvas and Infinite Campus "talk" to each other.  To transfer grades from Canvas to IC, follow the steps outlined in these slides.

The IC gradebook needs to be set up to exactly match that of the Canvas gradebook.

Note: this process is cumbersome; allow plenty of time to set it up.

Canvas & IC | Grade Sync (select instructions)
Canvas & IC | Grade Sync Instructions

Automatically Sync Grade Totals Only from Canvas to IC

As an alternative to syncing your entire gradebook from Canvas to IC, consider setting up a single "grade totals" assignment in Canvas and syncing just that.  

There is quite a bit of initial set up to be done; much like the steps for a full grade sync.  However, future grading periods will likely be much more streamlined.

Canvas & IC | Grade Sync (workaround)
Canvas & IC | ALTERNATIVE Grade Sync Instructions

Get Help

Please reach out to your Canvas Coach or Barbara Reklis if assistance is needed or questions arise.