Your Course

Publish your Canvas courses

Students and parents can not see your course in Canvas until you have published it. This means they can't track their progress and see all those grade updates you've made. As well, they can't access any assignments you have posted. Fun fact: you can publish assignments and even give grades to non-online assignments without the actual course being published. What this means is you might not be published, but think you are. Uh oh!

Have you published your courses?

Dashboard View

  • You can now check your Canvas Dashboard to see if your courses are published!

  • Canvas groups your published courses at the top of your dashboard page. Scroll down until you see "Unpublished Courses".

  • You can even publish your courses right there by clicking "Publish" right there on the spot!

Course List View

You'll also notice your list view of courses indicates which are published or unpublished.

Click "Courses" to see your sorted list!

I'm not published... what do I do?

Remember, you can publish your courses directly from your Dashboard by clicking "Publish" on your course tile.

If you need to publish a course, open that course. On the course homepage, you should see the "Course Status" in the upper right corner:

Am I really published?

Once you've clicked that "Publish" button, you are ready to go. Repeat this process in each un-published course until they all look like this: