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A message from Turnitin about AI (Artificial Intelligence) Detection

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We’re happy to announce the upcoming preview release of our AI writing detection capabilities to help educators uphold academic integrity while ensuring that students are treated fairly.

Our AI writing detection preview will be available across many of our products including Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS), TFS with Originality, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, Simcheck, Originality Check, and Originality Check+, on April 4, 2023. 

Existing customers will have access to these capabilities as part of their current licenses for this preview phase, without requiring any additional configuration or fees. Beginning January 1, 2024, only customers licensing Turnitin Originality or TFS with Originality will have access to the full AI writing detection experience. This is subject to change.

Please note that for this release, AI detection will only work for content submitted in English. It will not process any non-English submissions. As we continue to iterate, we will keep you updated on developments around non-English language support.

Our highly proficient model is adept in distinguishing AI-written content from human-written content specifically for student writing, given our twenty years of experience in understanding and safeguarding academic writing. Additional benefits of our capability include:

Supporting users’ existing workflow 

The AI detection capabilities are built into our existing similarity report workflow, which means that it’s also integrated with our users’ learning management system. So, instructors can check student papers for AI writing without having to change the way they work.

Simple and comprehensible reporting

Turnitin’s AI writing detection indicator shows an overall percentage of the text in the document submitted that may have been AI-generated. The accompanying report highlights the segments that are predicted to be AI-written. Our solution has been designed with educators and for educators, and provides information they need to help them determine their next course of action.

Keeping pace with evolving AI writing technology 

We stay ahead of the curve and understand the importance of adapting our technology to the rapidly-evolving AI writing models. While our current detector is trained for long-form English content and can detect GPT-3/3.5 and ChatGPT signatures, we plan to regularly iterate and expand our AI writing functionality.

As we continuously iterate and develop our AI technology over time, we plan to further enhance this preview release. To learn more and to keep up-to-date on our AI detection technology, please visit our AI writing page.  

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Turnitin PD Sessions

Uphold Academic Integrity with Turnitin: New User Session 


Interested in learning how you can promote academic integrity across the curriculum? Join us for a 60-minute session to learn how you can leverage Turnitin through Canvas and Draft Coach in Google Docs to ensure the originality of any type of writing assignment.

Disrupting Plagiarism: Exploring and Understanding Academic Integrity

9/20/22 & 4/4/22

In a time when information is instantly available and content creation is a few clicks away, academic integrity can easily become a gray area for students. Explicitly teaching skills and concepts associated with academic integrity and providing feedback throughout the research and writing process can build a culture of academic honesty in classrooms. This session is designed to provide teachers with a formative approach to maintaining academic integrity and addressing plagiarism meaningfully when it occurs.

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