Automate Emails and Templates from Forms

Automatically send an email or template, based on a Google Form submission with Autocrat or FormMule.

Google Forms - how to create

Mail Merge with Document

Auto-generate a document, based on a spreadsheet or Google form submissions. Use a Google Doc or Slide as a template.

Option to auto-generate email too.

Mail Merge Email

Auto-generate an email, based on a spreadsheet or Google form submission.

No template, just an email

Google Forms - AutoCrat for auto response
Google Forms - auto-email response

Google Forms for Back-to-School Night

Back-to-school night is just around the corner. Consider having parents sign in digitally using a google form. Here is an example of a possible form to use. Be sure to "make a copy" if you plan on using it. Post a link for parents to use their phones or have a few chrome books set up for parents to complete the form there. Be sure to ask parents to list their names and contact information as well as student names. I would be happy to help you set this up.

Ask parents to include an email address as part of your form. You can then automatically generate an email response to be sent out individually to parents after they have completed your form. You can thank them for coming to back-to-school night and validate their presence in your classroom. You can also include your classroom policies and a course syllabus in your auto-generated email as well as your presentation notes from the evening.