Google Slides | So much more than presentations!

Slides are not just for presentations. As Dwight says in this clip from The Office (thanks, NBC), "PowerPoint is boring". Try mixing up your use of Google Slides.

What's another way to use Google Slides?

Have your students create a project with Google Slides as an alternative (project based) assessment. Students can design and write their own choose-your-own-adventure book or interactive image to demonstrate content knowledge.

Google Slides - how to add images, text, and

Why use Google Slides?

There are many ways to use Google Slides. Slides are great if you want to utilize images, text, and links together. Tap into their creativity: get your students started and there's no telling where they'll take it.

How do I do this with Google Slides?

Here are some tips on how to work with images in Google Slides.