Yet another way to use Google Slides? Yes!

As mentioned before, Google Slides are not just for traditional presentations. Why not utilize Slides' capabilities with images and graphics to have students create more compelling reports? Use this template (generously shared with permission by rockstar teacher Ryan O'Donnell) to have your students create their own Time magazine about a historic figure or a character from a novel. They can research a particular scientist or mathematician (how about the mathematician generated from an anonymized Desmos activity?). Students can even make a magazine about themselves! This could work in just about any subject area.

Time Magazine Template

Why use Google Slides?

There are many ways to use Google Slides. Slides are great if you want to utilize images, text, and links together. Tap into their creativity: get your students started and there's no telling where they'll take it.

Google Slides - how to add images, text, and

How do I do this with Google Slides?

Here are some general tips on how to work with images in Google Slides. Here is the Time magazine template again. Students replace the images to reflect their person and show what they know with their write-up.

Pro-tip: If students want to copy and paste their written work, but want to keep the formatting consistent with the template, have them hold down ctrl, shift, v (on a pc or chromebook) or command, shift, v (on a mac). Pastes the content, but doesn't change the formatting of the destination document.