Transform your students' classroom experience with Hyperdocs. Push them out through Google Classroom or Canvas. They are engaging and fun. I would love to help you set one up!

What is a Hyperdoc?

A hyperdoc in its most basic form is an electronic document with hyperlinks to different activities embedded in the lesson. Allow students to choose which digital activities they do and when.

What's the point?

Design visually engaging, interactive pages to provide content and enrich the learning experiences for your students. Individualize instruction by giving students choices in their daily learning activities. Shift the work in the classroom away from you and put it on the students. Giving students some control over their own learning allows you to act as a guide and coach in the classroom. Step away from the front of the room and interact with your students.

What can I include? Where do I start?

Create a tic-tack-toe board (or bingo card, etc.) on which students are required to complete activities across rows, columns, or diagonals (like a winning tic-tack-toe game). This gives students choices in their learning, while providing some structure. Include links to pieces of a larger assignment to provide scaffolding. Include individualized games. Get creative and have fun!

For additional information, check out this website all about Hyperdocs. There are samples and templates available for multiple subject areas.

Sample Hyperdoc Templates

Here are some sample Hyperdoc templates in both doc and slide form. Feel free to make a copy and adapt to suit your needs.

Hyperdoc Template (Slides)
Hyperdoc Template (Docs)