Adobe Spark:  Post | Page | Video

Adobe Spark is a free online tool to help you create beautiful and professional looking posts, pages, and even videos.  

Adobe Spark - how to create a page (single page to add to existing website)

What is Adobe Spark Page?

A few weeks back, I sent out information about Adobe Spark Post.  Spark Page is different in that it allows you to build an entire page using Adobe tools.  Build a page to include in a website or have students build pages to showcase their work on a project.  Include images, linked buttons, and text.  You can use your own images or search for the perfect image from hundreds of free use images right in Adobe Spark.  Here is an example of a Spark Page made out of this email.  

Why Adobe Spark Page?

Adobe Spark Page gives you the ability to create beautiful web content or professional looking and interactive projects.

How do I use Adobe Spark Page?

Creating your own Page is easier than you think.  You'll need your own content and perhaps some links ready to go.  Bring your own images or even just ideas for images you'd like to use and let AdobeSpark Page inspire you to do the rest.