Adobe Spark:  Post | Page | Video

Adobe Spark is a free online tool to help you create beautiful and professional looking posts, pages, and even videos.  

What is Adobe Spark Post?

Adobe Spark Post allows you to add graphics to an image for a professional-looking graphic design.  Use Spark Posts as images in web pages or emails or post to social media.  Use your own image or search for the perfect image from hundreds of free-use images right in Adobe Spark.  Spark Post has dozens of graphic templates to choose from or create your own.  The image at the top of this email was made with Adobe Spark Post.  

Adobe Spark - how to create a post (single image with text)

Why Adobe Spark Post?

Your communication will be more enticing to students and families if it is visually appealing.  Adobe Spark Post gives you the ability to create beautiful graphic designs quickly and easily.  

How do I use Adobe Spark Post?

Creating your own Post is easier than you think.  Have a photo saved or even just have an idea and let Adobe Spark Post inspire you to do the rest.