Want a quick and easy way to keep your students engaged, even on Halloween?  Try a Kahoot quiz game.  Kahoot even has some Halloween themed games ready to go!  

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a fun learning game that can be used for warm-ups, checks for understanding, or even just to add a little excitement to any lesson.  Students love Kahoot!  Chances are, your students have already asked you when you are going to include a Kahoot in their class.  If you haven't tried Kahoot yet, go for it.  I'd love to help you get started.  Kahoots can be multiple choice or try Kahoot "jumbles" where students need to give the correct order or sequence of options shown.  Add videos, images, and more to your Kahoots.  Did I mention students love Kahoot?

Kahoot - gamified checks for understanding (halloween)

How do I Kahoot?

Create your own Kahoot or search from hundreds of Kahoots made by teachers like you.

Why Kahoot?

Kahoot is fun.  Ok, Kahoot is also a great way to check students' understanding of concepts from the day's lesson or review concepts from previous lessons.  Kahoots can be used as a warm-up to start the day off on an enthusiastic footing or as an exit ticket students will clamor for.