What's a QR Code?

A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned with a variety of devices (including smartphones) that directs the user to a pre-defined URL.  To the right is a QR code that directs you to an Edutopia Article about using QR codes for instruction.

Why Use QR Codes For Instruction?

QR codes can be used in countless ways in the classroom.  

The possibilities are endless... Check out this Edutopia article (same as QR code above) with even more fantastic ideas for using QR codes in your instruction.  It links to yet another amazing resource with a few more ideas about how and where to use QR codes.

How Do I Use QR Codes?

In terms of choosing a QR code generator or reader, there are many options, including a google chrome extension.  Here are a few recommendations to choose from:

QR Code Generator Websites:

QR Code Reader Apps (apple) | search the app store:

QR Code Reader Apps (android) | search google play: 

Chrome Extensions (see steps below):