Infinite Campus

The Basics


Infinite Campus is the platform SUHSD uses for student data, schedules, roster, attendance, etc. Here are the basics:

Logging In

  • To log into IC, go to

  • Username & Password: single sign-on (same as for Google and Canvas)

1. Check the year. Be sure you are in the current year. If you need to look up past student information, change the year here.

2. Check your rosters. Please note: changes are made throughout the school-year, especially in the days leading up to the start of school.

Switch between classes from the drop-down menu on the rosters screen. Section numbers will correlate with periods (01 = period 1)

3. You will eventually take daily attendance from IC as well.

4. From your roster, you can see student info. Hover over flags to see what they indicate (SPED, Avid, etc.).

5. Click on individual student names to get more info.

  • Go to Student Information to get other useful information (this will take you to the Community interface).

6. Other info:

  • You can check the student's schedule, transcript, test scores, etc by clicking through these tabs.

7. Back in the Instruction interface, you can click on Reports (Roster) toward the bottom to create a blank spreadsheet of your students.

8. You can also create a seating chart with student pictures from the Instruction interface. 9th graders won't have pictures yet, for those teaching 9th grade. It is super handy to provide a seating chart with pictures for your substitutes.

  • Pro-tip: try printing a set to cut up and tape on notecards for visual equity cards.

  • Note: Pictures will only show up if you have them enabled from the Settings screen.