AKO Assessments

Score With GradeCam

Score with GradeCam to give students immediate feedback on their assessments. Use on warm-up problems, reviews, and even in-class assessments. Students can quickly and easily score their own assessments using a document camera or even your computer's built in webcam. Consider allowing students to score an assessment, revise their work, and re-score for even more opportunities for success.

School City - how to score with gradecam
School City - how to set up gradecam

Setting Up GradeCam

Setting up GradeCam is typically quick and easy. Follow these steps to get on your way to self-scoring students.

SchoolCity Scan

Scan whole sets of answer sheets using SchoolCity Scan. Follow these instructions to learn how to set up SchoolCity Scan and scan away.

How to scan answer documents
SchoolCity - Scoring Constructed Response Items

Scoring Constructed Response Items

Does your SchoolCity assessment include Constructed Response items? These need to be hand-scored. Please follow the instructions here to learn how to do this.