Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning? 

Blended learning combines in-person classroom activities with digital learning opportunities as well as structured opportunities for students to practice (and internalize) what they have learned.  Blended Learning includes features of a flipped classroom and a traditional classroom to form a balance that works for you and your students.

Why would I want to do that?

Use your class time for activities that allow students to apply what they have learned, rather than lesson delivery.  Allow students more time to work together.  Make class time more engaging.  Blended Learning allows you to act as a guide and coach in the classroom.  Step away from the front of the room and interact with your students while they interact with each other.

How do I incorporate Blended Learning in my classroom?

Here are some ideas for Blended Learning, but there are many more ways.  Do what works for you in your own classroom.  

Blended Learning PD

If you missed the opportunities to learn more about Blended Learning during one of our All-Staff PD Days or June PD Institute, please feel free to browse the session slides here.

Please stay tuned for future professional learning opportunities.

(SHAREABLE) PD Slides | Student-Centered Instruction with Blended Learning (Barbara Reklis and Joe Ezrati - Sept 2023)