Teacher Desmos


Desmos is way more than a graphing calculator tool. Teacher Desmos is an amazing tool that brings truly INSTRUCTIONAL games and meaningful activities into math classes. Create a variety of activities including card sorts, polygraph (a 20-questions style game), and even more! Check out the free resources already available now at teacher.desmos.com.

Not a math teacher? This is still a great tool. Many of these activities work with images and/or text. Set up a matching game where you can monitor student progress in real time. Include an answer key and let students keep track of their own success.

Desmos Polygraph

Polygraph is a 20-questions style game that gets students to communicate about math and encourages use of academic language. Learn more here.

Desmos - About Polygraph

Create Polygraph

Create a polygraph game easily with custom graphs, text, or even images.

Desmos - Create & Play Polygraph

Desmos Card Sort

Have your students complete a digital card sort with the ability to anonymously check progress as they work.

Desmos - Create & Play Card Sort