Pear Deck

Why use Pear Deck?

It's easy. It's fun. It's engaging. It's powerful. The real question is, why NOT use Pear Deck?

What is Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is an add-on for Google Slides that allows you to add interactive elements to your Google Slide decks. What this means is you can add interactive, formative assessment slides to your existing content! When you present a Pear Deck session, students' slides are moved along at your pace, with interactive elements sprinkled throughout at your discretion. Pear Deck provides some amazing pre-built templates, but you can also create your own interactive slides as well. Some of the cool elements you can add are the following:

  • Text | Students respond in a textbox on the side

  • Choice | Students click an answer

  • Number | Students enter a numeric response

  • Website | Embed a website alongside your prompt

  • Draw | Students draw or add text on top of the slide

  • Draggable | Students drag a dot or icon to respond

How do I use Pear Deck?

Here's some information from Pear Deck on how to get started using Pear Deck in Google Slides. As well, check out this quick tutorial on using Pear Deck (embedded to the right, too)

🍐How to PearDeck - Interactive Student Engagement

Pear Deck in Canvas

Interested in using the Pear Deck / Canvas integration?

More Pear Deck Awesomeness!

Pear Deck has an amazing vocabulary feature called Flashcard Factory. In Flashcard Factory, students work with a list of vocabulary and definitions you provide and work together to add pictures and example sentences to deepen their understanding of the terms. In the end, the class creates a complete set. Click here for more information about Flashcard Factory.

🍐Pear Deck - Flashcard Factory