Classroom Relay

Chromebook Monitoring

Chromebook Monitoring

With Relay, you have the power to monitor what students are doing when logged into a school Chromebook with their accounts.


  • Please be cautious when using Relay. This is a tool to use to ensure a safe and productive classroom environment; not as a punitive "gotcha" scheme.

  • As well, do not lock all screens. You will also get locked out.

  • Be sure to only set your class times to the duration of your class period so you don't lock students out of sites during other classes.

How to use Relay

  • Go to

  • Sign in with Google

  • Your rosters will load automatically from IC.

  • You'll need to set up an "ad hoc" schedule each day in class.

  • Go to Class Settings. Make sure the "type" is set to "Ad Hoc" and choose the session duration from the drop-down.

Relay Dashboard At a Glance

Once logged in, your students and their screens should load in a screen similar to this:

Using Relay

From here, you can click on individual students to see their screens, close certain tabs, lock their screen, etc. You can even record what they are doing on their screens.

More Relay Help

For more information on using Relay, please refer to this video: