Student WIFI Access

Message about Conserving Wifi Bandwidth

Our network bandwidth, while strong, is a limited quantity. If you are giving an exam or other activity online in class, feel encouraged to remind students about disconnecting their personal devices from wifi during class. The following message may be used as you see fit:

In order to preserve Internet bandwidth, we ask that students please refrain from connecting cell phones and other personal devices to school wifi during school hours, except when used for essential learning activities or in emergency circumstances.

This is by no means required for you or for your students but may make your online activities run more smoothly.

Accessing Wifi

We have multiple forms of instructions for students to access school wifi. Please feel free to use the version that best suits your needs.


Post this in your classroom for all students at any time.

Student WIFI Sign In Instructions (brochure)

tri-fold Brochure

Ask reprographics to print and fold this to create a brochure for students to keep.

Student Sign Into WIFI

Printable Doc

This doc version can be easily printed and copied for students (no need to include the first page; that can be posted in the room).

Sign in to Wifi - STUDENT

Slide Deck

Use this version to project instructions for your students.