Zoom Waiting Rooms

Increased Security for Your Meetings

There are two key features that enable you to further secure your meetings: Set Up Password and Enable Waiting Room. Set Up Password requires a participant to enter a password to enter the meeting. The Waiting Room feature allows you to control when a participant joins the meeting. These features will help prevent “zoombombing” of your classes. As host, you can admit attendees one by one or all at once.

Protective Zoom Settings

When scheduling a Zoom meeting, the following meeting options are recommended:

  • Do not publish meeting links and/or passwords on public sites

  • Require a meeting password

  • Enable waiting room

  • Mute participants upon entry

  • Record the meeting automatically

Start Meeting with Waiting Room

  • Start your meeting and open the Zoom app when prompted.

  • As participants join the call, you will see a pop-up message:

(a) To admit a person directly, click Admit.

(b) To see all participants in the waiting room, click See waiting room.

  • In the waiting room panel, perform one of the following:

(a) Click Admit All to admit all participants.

(b) Click Admit to allow a single participant into the meeting.

(c) Click Remove to remove a single participant from the Zoom meeting.

Managing a Meeting

Once the meeting has started, the waiting room is still active.

If you wish to return a participant to the waiting room:

  • Click Manage Participants.

  • In the Participants panel, place your mouse over the name of a person and click More.

  • Click Put in Waiting Room.

If you wish to remove a participant from the meeting.

  • Place your mouse over the name of a person and click More.

  • Click Remove.

Page Credit: adapted from USC