Start of School


Online Schedule Lookup

Students and parents can access student schedules via IC and find their digital course content in Canvas. The following instructions walk students and parents through this process. A link to both slides is included as well. Feel free to use these on your site's web page or wherever else you see fit.

Accessing Class Schedules in IC (parents)
Accessing Class Schedules in IC (parents)

Student Onboarding

This self-paced Canvas course takes students through some useful tools and skills they will need to be able to successfully complete digital work. The course has been revamped this year. Students can self-enroll and complete the course on their own. Along the way, they can earn digital badges for each module they complete. Unlike last year, this course does not need to be loaded into a site Canvas course. Please reach out if you are interested in a different approach. I'm happy to work with you to make this what you need for your students.

More information, including a course outline with links to the resources, can be found in this Google Doc.

SUHSD Student Orientation

School WiFi

We have instructions in a variety of formats regarding student access school wifi. Please feel free to use whichever version(s) work for you and your site.

Available Formats

  • Slides

  • Handout

  • Tri-Fold

  • Poster

Help for Staff

As your staff begins to return, please help guide them to the appropriate resources when they need help. We have a variety of supports in place.

SUHSD | Getting Help (2021-2022)