Dashboard Tips

Combine Sections

The best way to keep your dashboard view under control is to combine common sections of the same course. Instructions for doing so can be found in the document to the right. Additional information, including slides and a video tutorial, can be found on the combine sections page of this website.

Combining Sections | Cross-Listing Canvas Courses

Dashboard Tile Image

Customize your dashboard tile image to make it easier for you and your students to navigate to your course.

When you get your new Canvas courses, they should all have the same school logo for the dashboard image. This means your students have a sea of seemingly identical courses in their Canvas dashboards. Updating your image will let your course stand out from the crowd.

It is recommended to update your dashboard image with something that reflects you or your course content.

Canvas - update dashboard image

Course Nicknames

Canvas allows you to "nickname" your courses as well. This changes the name of the course for you only. Students and parents will still see the course name as created by IC. You will see your course nickname on both the dashboard as well as the "courses" list.

Canvas | Course Nicknames

Hide Unused Courses

At the start of each semester, you will still be able to see your previous courses. This is so that teachers needing to calculate grades for students with incompletes can do so.

It is recommended that you hide your unused courses to avoid confusion.

Don't worry - hiding unused courses does not banish them forever! Once hidden, you can always go back to your courses --> all courses list to see them again.

Canvas | Dashboard Cleanup