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Start-of-Course Checklist

This page takes you through everything you need to do to set up your courses for a new semester or school-year.

Please don't forget to publish your courses!

Combine Sections | Cross-listing

What is Combining Sections, anyway?

Combining Sections (otherwise known as cross-listing) allows you to combine Canvas courses for classes where you teach the same thing during multiple class periods.  Once you have combined your courses, you can create an assignment once for multiple class periods, rather than having to repeat your work.  This should save you a bunch of time and effort.  

Cross-listing allows you flexibility!  You can also assign content to just one class or even a group of students.  You don't have to assign to everyone, just because the courses are combined.  You can even create a single assignment, but add multiple due dates.  

Choose your learning style.  Instructions for how to combine sections are available as a doc, slides, or video.  Pick what works best for you.

Doc Instructions

Combining Sections | Cross-Listing Canvas Courses

Slide Instructions

Canvas | Cross-Listing Courses

Video Instructions

Gradebook suggestions

student names

Last Name, First Name

Grade Totals 

Move to Front

Section Toggle

View One Section at a Time 

(for combined courses - a "section" is a class period)

Saved Filter Presets

Define frequently used filters to save time

New Course Updates

Canvas | Updating Course (new school year)

New Gradebook Updates

Canvas - overview for PD (gradebook)

Suggested Set-Up Steps (optional)

Key Gradebook Features

Sections (show one period at a time or all)

Assignment Groups (show just one category at a time)

Modules (if you have modules set up, show just one module at a time)

Gradebook Statuses

With the new gradebook, you have the option to assign the following statuses to student assignment submissions:

If your assignment is set up to accept online submissions, Late and Missing will be applied automatically.  If your assignment is not set up for online submissions, you can manually add these statuses to your students' scores.

Add a weekly agenda

Canvas - embed google slides

Customize your homepage

Import content from previous courses

Includes student navigation settings and grading scheme
Includes Homepage and About Your Teacher pages
Importing all includes categories and weights
Canvas - how to import specific course content (admin rights)
Canvas - how to import specific course content (no admin)