End of Course


End-of-Course Checklist


  • Finalize grades in Canvas

  • Post grades to IC

  • Export and save/print gradebook

Course Accessibility

  • Give your courses nicknames to make it easier for you to know which course is which later

  • Adjust settings to allow student access to course material after course end

Modules & Course Organization

  • Create Modules in Canvas

  • Align content (Assignments, Pages, Discussions, Quizzes, Links) in appropriate Modules

  • Organize Module order

  • Remove unused content

Post Grades in IC

  • Be sure to post grades in IC at the end of the progress reporting period. Remember, you have the option to manually enter grades or sync your Canvas gradebook directly to IC. Check out the Post Grades page (button above this paragraph) for information on each method.

Export & Save (or print) Grades

  • Keep an electronic copy of your course grades... just in case

  • Submit an electronic or printed copy of your course grades to your Admin or Counseling team, per site-specific requirements

Canvas - Export & Print Grades (NEW gradebook)

Course Nicknames

  • Did you know you can change the "nickname" of each of your courses? Nicknames only show up for you, so you are not changing the course name for all of your students.

  • Once your course is archived, it gets added to the growing list of "Past Enrollments" (found by clicking "courses", then choosing "all courses"). It will be much easier to locate your courses if you assign nicknames to them. This will come in handy if you are looking for a specific assignment to reuse.

  • After courses close, you will no longer be able to make changes, including nicknames, so it's a good idea to update your nicknames now.

Canvas | Course Nicknames
  • Consider nicknames that include the year and term, as well as the course name.

    • Ex: "Spring 2022 - English 2"

Adjust Settings to allow Student Access to content

  • Allow students to access your course content (excluding quizzes) after your course ends

  • Cut down on emails asking about grades - students can check their own


  1. In each course, go to "Settings"

  2. Scroll down and un-check the box for "Restrict students from viewing course after end date"

  3. Click the "Update Course Details" button to save changes


Canvas - overview for PD (module)
  • Create Modules to organize your course content

  • Align your existing content to Modules for easier course organization

  • Organize Module order

  • Create Requirements and Prerequisites for total control over how students access your content

Teaching a brand new course next year?

If you are getting ready to teach a new course next year, please complete the form below to request a Sandbox course in which to create content over the summer before you get your official course in August.

Teaching the same courses next year as this year?

If you are teaching the same courses next year as this year, there is no need to request a Sandbox course.

Simply use your existing course to add any new content you wish to use next school year.

Click the button above for information on how to import and export course content between Canvas courses.

Collaborate in Canvas

  • Interested in collaborating with colleagues in Canvas? Click the button above to find out more about collaborating in Canvas.

Canvas Course Close Out Special

If you prefer a video guide, feel free to watch this video recording of a Canvas close-out PD session.