End of Course 


End-of-Course Checklist

Information about each item from the checklist can be found by scrolling down


Course Accessibility

Modules & Course Organization

Post Grades in IC

Export & Save (or print) Grades

Canvas - Export & Print Grades (NEW gradebook)

Course Nicknames

Canvas | Course Nicknames

Adjust Settings to allow Student Access to content

Reasons to keep access open

Students & parents with questions about grades can find information without reaching out to you

Reasons to close access down

Some students or parents have been known to take a detailed approach to your gradebook and have raised concerns, sometimes years later



Canvas - overview for PD (module)

Teaching a brand new course next year?

If you are getting ready to teach a new course next year, please complete the form below to request a Sandbox course in which to create content over the summer before you get your official course in August.  

Teaching the same courses next year as this year?

If you are teaching the same courses next year as this year, there is no need to request a Sandbox course. 

Simply use your existing course to add any new content you wish to use next school year.

Click the button above for information on how to import and export course content between Canvas courses.

Collaborate in Canvas

Canvas Course Close Out Special 

If you prefer a video guide, feel free to watch this video recording of a Canvas close-out PD session.