The Bridge Tool

SBG in Canvas

Connecting the Learning Mastery to the Traditional Gradebook

Now that you have set up your course grading scheme, outcomes, and assignment rubrics, you are ready to use the Canvas Learning Mastery Gradebook Bridge Tool 

Setting Up and Using The Bridge Tool

Here are the steps for using the Bridge Tool to bring student scores into the traditional gradebook:


Enable the Bridge Tool in course navigation


Sync Data and check Bridge Tool settings


Create Connections with the Bridge Tool

  • includes information about how to edit connections and connected assignments


Sync Grades from the Learning Mastery Gradebook to the Traditional Gradebook


Post your course Syllabus for clarity 


If you experience issues with the Bridge Tool, please complete this form to let us know.  We can help contact Canvas to make sure it gets resolved quickly.

The Bridge Tool Teacher's Manual is a comprehensive guide to using the Canvas Learning Mastery Bridge Tool for standards-based grading.

Teacher’s Manual | Canvas Learning Mastery Gradebook to Traditional Gradebook